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SMOOCH BEVERAGES USA INC is a family owned and run business originating from South Africa. 

We recently launched the first of our exciting new brands into the USA market.  



We produce 3 brands - SMOOCH VODKA, ARRIBA TEQUILA and a wicked fusion of the 2 products under the FUSION brand which was the first to be released in California and now also in Texas. We are continuing to expand and we hope to be available in most states soon!

The FUSION range consists of a wicked fusion of 6 x Distilled Vodka and 100% Agave Tequila, imported from Mexico, at 40% ABV as well as a range of 30% ABV flavors based on the blend. The products are presented in a unique and attractive 750ml aluminum, re-usable container.

The straight FUSION has a warm initial Vodka note with a distinct and smooth Tequila finish or vice versa depending on one’s individual pallet.

Our flavors include Lime, Caramel and Maple as well as a crazy signature, must try flavor Bubblegum !! More exciting flavors coming soon… 



Our Fusion Blend Vodka and Tequila alcoholic drinks are available at Total Wine Stores in Southern California as well as Texas.  We are expanding our distribution to other states and will be available soon. 

Please contact us if you can't find Fusion where you live.

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